40 + Brilliant Backyard Science Experiments

Chemical Sciences

This HUGE list of backyard science experiments provides for hours of experimentation and exploration for kids. They are perfect for home, school, preschool or your community group.

We’ve arranged the experiments into four handy science learning areas – biological sciences, chemical sciences, physical sciences and earth & space sciences, so you’ll find plenty to inspire your child’s learning, whatever their interest. The hardest part could just be choosing which to try first!

40+ Brilliant Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

Biological Sciences
A great starting point for little learners is learning more about biology through the study of living things in their every day world  (but biology is by no means just for little ones, there are some cool experiments in this collection too for older kids too).

How to make a mini microscope – great for examining all of those teeny tiny living things in your back yard.

Search for dandelions in the garden and study them.

Here are some great tips for planting seeds with toddlers.

Get older kids involved in gardening with this preschool gardening journal.

What kid wouldn’t love to search for squishy earthworms?

Here’s how to dissect a bean.

This one is a classic and one of my favorites – colour changing flowers experiment.

And who would have thought you can use the same theory to make ants change colour! You have to see this one to believe it!

Finally, examine and discover the hidden colours of leaves.

Chemical Sciences
There is some really cool stuff in this area of scientific study – think chemical reactions, combinations of mixtures, changing of materials, solids, liquids and gases… Kids can follow simple procedures and instructions to complete their experiments, just be sure you’re there to photograph or film their results!

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles – check out this experiment for finding the best bubble blower from a range of household objects.

Definitely one for out doors – watch a zip lock bag explode thanks to the combination of baking soda and vinegar. Stand back and watch in awe!

The kids will love this colourful baking soda + vinegar experiment, and I doubt they’ll let you skip this volcano sand pit experiment.

Make some brilliant bottle rockets or see the magic that happens when you combine Diet Coke and Mentos.

Try experimenting with Pop Rocks and learn how to capture carbon dioxide.

This one combines two things kids love – minions and shaving cream.

An oldie but a goodie – explore the changing of materials under different temperatures to create upcycled crayons.

Test out this perfect cornflour sensory play recipe.

Check out this super cool ice and salt experiment.

And finally a delicious experiment – make solar oven s’mores.

Earth and Space Sciences
My 3 year old is obsessed with the moon – she always wants to go outside before bed and look for it. We always talk about the weather when we plan our clothes and daily activities as well as exploring the four seasons. Earth and Space science understandings can easily be explored in your everyday routines, but these fun experiments are sure to up the learning ante.

Such a cool and clever idea to make your own rock – check this one out!

Explore mixing earth materials in a jar.

“Let’s go fly a kite”… perfect for a windy day – and another fun kite tutorial here.

Go excavating for dinosaurs with this cool experiment!

Test the power of the sun with these Lego sun prints.

This one is a fantastic colour and temperature experiment.

My personal favourite of this collection (I love rainbows) – ways to make a rainbow.

Physical Sciences
Pushing and pulling, force and motion, matter and energy are such fun to discover!

Learn how to make an air rocket – the kids will LOVE this!

Try this simple ramp test for toddlers and preschoolers.

Sinking and floating experiments with objects found in from your back yard. Nature science at it’s best! More summer sink or float ideas can be found here.

Lego + ice = fun science learning!

Make a cool outdoor zip line for your toy figurines.

Backyard water wheel inspiration and a water wall (on my to-do list for next summer).

Try this balancing act with natural objects.

How about making and testing balloon boats or balloon rockets.

I’m sure we’ve all seen this one before – but this collection wouldn’t be complete without the leak proof bag.

Finally a fun way to combine art and science with gutter painting.

What a comprehensive list! Definitely one to Pin and come back to when you need something specific for a particular learning area within the realm of SCIENCE!

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